Sunday, March 18, 2012

In the Looking Glass

I got up the other morning and stood in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready for the day, and as usual I found myself staring at my imperfections and focusing in on them one by one- wishing I had a smaller nose, bigger eyes, tighter abs, larger chest, etc...etc. 

 I looked down to see my little girl, 3 years old standing beside me mimicking my every move.  

Pinching her face up and staring at herself in the mirror critically, she looked just like me. 

 Normally my little one will twirl and prance in front of the mirror, very clearly admiring herself, but not today, today she was copying me.  It kind of hit me in the face that this is a lot of what is wrong with our ideas about ourselves as girls today.  When we are young, we believe truly, that we are beautiful.  As we grow and watch those around us, we start to pick out what we believe are our imperfections and the more we stare at them the less we like what we see.  Shouldn't we instead, stand back and assume that youthful innocence and believe we are beautiful, for who we are? 

It is my intention to help you recognize the beauty in the looking glass, and to help you step back into that 3 year old mindset that we had before the world told us we needed to be 5'10'' and 110 lbs, with a large chest and perfect features.  Love yourself, swirl in front of the mirror and remember you are beautiful.